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A Turbulent Priest Gets On The Web

So, this is the first article on the brand new website for the new show from the creators of A Monk's Tale and The God Particle. This new show for 2019-20 is about the incredible and endlessly fascinating story of Thomas Becket.

At heart, A Turbulent Priest isn’t a story about names, dates and places. The show is about the place of the Church in our society. Does the State have final say over what’s right and wrong? Who rules? Should the Church make a stand and speak out? And are Christians prepared to face the consequences of that stand? Thomas was. And he paid with his head (or at least the top half of it. Ew.)

The show is light, accessible and funny in tone, with lots of visual humour and jokes, but it does not shy away from the specifics. As the show unfolds, the audience should be entertained, informed and challenged. It is suitable for all ages and faiths. Developed by the team that produced The God Particle and A Monk’s Tale, the audience can be sure that they are in safe hands.

A Turbulent Priest is previewing at Spring Harvest and Word Alive 2019 and will tour the UK in April/May including The Brighton Fringe, possibly the Edinburgh Fringe and then tour again in Sept/Nov 2019 before moving to larger venues in 2020 for the 850th anniversary year.

About The Writer

James Cary, the writer of The God Particle and A Monk’s Tale, is an award-winning sitcom writer for BBC TV and Radio. He worked on the first two series of Miranda and co-wrote Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop for BBC Radio 2. He co-created Bluestone 42 for BBC3 which ran for three series and has also written episodes of My Family, My Hero and Citizen Khan. His radio credits include Another Case of Milton Jones, Hut 33 and Think the Unthinkable. His stage show, Infinite Number of Monkeys, was nominated for Perrier Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe.

James Cary has a BA Hons in Theology from the University of Durham. He attends St John's Church in Yeovil and is a member of The House of Laity of the General Synod of the Church of England for the Diocese of Bath & Wells. He has also written a book called The Sacred Art of Joking, published by SPCK in Jan 2019.


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